Pig Breed Comparison Chart


Interested in raising pigs but not sure which breed is right for you?

Things to consider:

Geography: Pigs are adaptable to most any climate. They can be vulnerable in hot places if not provided shade and optimally a good wallow to cool off in. In cold places, they will do fine but do need a dry place with ample bedding to protect them from wind and rain.

Space: Where will you be raising these pigs? Do you have a lot of farm land for the animals to be raised on, will they be kept in dry lots, or are you planning to raise them in your backyard? If you have a small space in which to raise the pig, choose smaller breeds with a calmer temperament. Most pigs will do fine in dry lots or pasture but all will enjoy ample space if you can provide it.

Temperament: When choosing a breed, consider temperament. Some breeds are calmer than others and animals will vary in temperament from farm to farm. Always ask breeders about what they are selecting for in their animals. Some may like more aggressive personalities to help them cope with predators. Others will want more calm animals if there are a lot of visitors on the farm.


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