Jonathan M. Thompson

Jonathan M. ThompsonJonathan M. Thompson was born in 1947, in the UK, and has been sur­roun­ded by livestock from an early age. Since 1972, after moving to Norfolk, UK, he kept and bred  White Crested Frill-back Pigeons, Large White Frizzle Fowl, Sebastopol Geese, and an assort­ment of wild­fowl and domes­tic water­fowl. For the past fourteen years he has kept and bred only the Sebastopol Geese as a domestic breed and main­tained a large collec­tion of wildfowl. He achieved the ‘correct ’Standardization of the Abacot Ranger Duck and Welsh Harlequin Duck and Sebastopol Goose in both of its types. The history of the domestic breeds, and the people connected, hold a great fascination for him. Regular visits to the Halls of Learning (Cambridge, British & Natural History Libraries) - first by sifting through the card indexes and for the past seven years with the use of electronic resources - have advanced knowledge of the breeds’ histories immensely. With his writings, he wishes to impart the involvement of the early breeders as a point of historical importance, and seeks to address the historical inaccuracies that have been so often perpetuated in print, and for the advancement of the truth.

Articles by Jonathan M. Thompson:

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