Heritage Pig Husbandry

Heritage Pig Husbandry - Modern Heritage Swine Series Guide

Many heritage breed pigs are well suited for raising outdoors, on pasture, and in the woods.  They retain foraging skills and mothering instincts needed for outdoor production.  Slow growth and a diverse diet add flavor, and consumers and chefs are enjoying this addition to the table.

This guide is offered for farmers who wish to learn more about raising traditional old-type hogs using both historic pasture-based management practices and modern information.  Building Knowledge and skill will help farmers produce high quality, market-ready products to benefit the farm’s bottom line and conserve heritage breeds.

Table of Contents:

  • Feeds and Feeding of Heritage Breed Pigs
  • Keys to Cost Management for Extensive Pork Production
  • Heritage Pigs: Selecting Breeding Stock
  • Biosecurity for Pastured Pigs
  • Common Health Concerns of Pastured Pigs
  • Control of Inbreeding for Productivity




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