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I was invited to attend the Livestock Conservancy convention in Santa Rosa where I provided a poster session about my farm. I really enjoyed the people at the convention and talked to many like-minded folks, that totally understood.  - Mardi Storm, Trickster Hares Farm


Can’t Bring the Membership to Your Farm,
Bring Your Farm to the Membership!

Conference Poster

We would like to invite all conference attendees to create and bring (or ship) a poster showing their farm or organization and livestock. Time will be allotted for members to meet and informally share their experiences and ideas with other attendees. Posters can be made using collages of photos, or you can express your creative talents and design one to advertise the products and activities of your farm.

The networking between fellow stewards has always been one of the highly valued aspects of Conservancy conferences. This poster session will help support this and offer members a way to show other members what they have been talking about. So get busy and create a poster to bring along – after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is a “Poster”?
A poster is an opportunity to provide a “snapshot” of a farm, project, activity, or a program. It allows the presenter an informal and casual venue to promote his or her ideas or projects in a conference setting. The poster session will be held Saturday, during lunch and dinner.

Poster Format
The posters should be no larger than 40 inches wide and 40 inches tall. They must be solid enough to stand on a table. Each poster should contain:

1. A title. Recommended font is 72 pt.
2. List of authors, and author affiliations. Recommended font is 36-42 pt.
3. A brief description of the project or topic. Recommended font is 20-24 pt.
4. Section headings. Recommended font is 28-32 pt.
5. Text with tables and/ or figures if needed. Recommended font is 24-32 pt.
6. Acknowledgements and references cited. Recommended font is 20-24 pt.

Presenters should also attach an envelope containing 10-20 8" x 11.5" printed copies of either their poster or abstract and contact information below their poster.


For more information email Angelique