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National Conference

2015 National Conference "The Age of Flavor" in Santa Rosa, California!

We are in the "age" of changing eating habits, with people rediscovering the flavors that had been forgotten since agriculture started consolidating in the early 20th century.

  • Please join us as we explore forgotten uses and flavors that will bring value added income to farms.
  • Come learn about utilizing products and services from animals at various ages including older and younger animals.
  • Come wake up your taste buds! Savor, appreciate, and enjoy heritage breed meats prepared to delicious perfection!

Other clinics and workshops include: poultry selection and processing, carcass fabrication and cooking, sheep husbandry and selection, marketing, goat selection, gardening with chickens, off the grid poultry, rabbit keeping and much more!

Just getting started or have questions about how to raise the animals and poultry so that you can market them and their products?
You’ll have plenty of time to network with farmers who are already producing and workshops to help you learn how to raise and select the best for breeding.

New for 2015!  - Networking meet and greet on Thursday night!

Save the date and book your room!

Flamingo Resort & Conference Center
Santa Rosa, CA
November 5-7, 2015

Contact us if you're interested in having your meat, eggs, dairy products, or heirloom vegetables featured at our 2015 banquet.

Photos courtesy of Sonoma County Tourism

Featuring a kick-off banquet keynote address from best-selling author of  Much Ado About Mutton, Bob Kennard, in which Bob explains why mutton is now poised to make a comeback through its extraordinary health & environmental benfits -  not to mention its great flavor!

Fabrication and Cooking Clinic with Adam Danforth, James Beard Award winner and best-selling author of definitive guides for butchery: Butchering Beef and Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat & Pork.

"There is a growing interest in small-scale processing of beef animals — partially because people are interested in maintaining control over the quality of their meat. Unfortunately, there's relatively little information that is appropriate for people operating at this level, especially those who are slaughtering for the first time. Butchering Beef by Adam Danforth provides easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for people raising their own livestock to humanely slaughter a beef animal and butcher it with good food safety practices." - Temple Grandin

Pat Foremen enjoying a heritage breeds meal

"The Livestock Conservancy national conference isn't just about learning from fabulous workshops given by experts, it's about meeting like-minded people and forever friendships. It's about individual heroes taking action before it's too late—and saving endangered breeds from extinction. It's about preserving the genetics of true nutrition and satisfying taste of heritage breeds. It's about honoring, preserving and protecting the future for our entire planet." -- Patricia Foreman