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National Conference

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The Livestock Conservancy
2016 National Conference
A United State of Agriculture

November 3-5, 2016
Hampshire College
Amherst, Massachusetts

In 1977 a diverse group of farmers, environmentalists, historians, and scientists shared a concern for the fate of America’s traditional livestock breeds. They realized that if they didn’t work together to save the endangered livestock and poultry they saw around them, that the breeds would soon be gone. To address this concern, they formed the American Minor Breeds Conservancy.

Come join like-minded people,  now known as The Livestock Conservancy,  at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts – the site of the Conservancy’s very first members meeting in 1977! - to share new ways in which members can again collaborate to ensure the continuation of the work begun almost 40 years ago. We’ll be talking about cooperative strategies for breeding, marketing, and animal management that can aid farmers and bring products and services to eager consumers. We will explore how co-operation, collaboration, and teamwork will be the key to securing the future of rare breeds.

We are accepting presentation proposals!

Contact us if you're interested in having your meat, eggs, or dairy products featured at our 2016 banquet.

And don't forget about the Silent Auction!
We would love to feature your items on our website - with links to your farm or business - from the day we receive the item all the way through to the next year when we update our item list. If you donate soon enough that could be over a year!

Pat Foremen enjoying a heritage breeds meal"The Livestock Conservancy national conference isn't just about learning from fabulous workshops given by experts, it's about meeting like-minded people and forever friendships. It's about individual heroes taking action before it's too late—and saving endangered breeds from extinction. It's about preserving the genetics of true nutrition and satisfying taste of heritage breeds. It's about honoring, preserving and protecting the future for our entire planet." -- Patricia Foreman